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New product discovery

Need a new digital service and staring at a blank piece of paper? We have user-centred design processes to support you.

Design sprints 

Know what your opportunities are but don't know how to express them as designs? Design sprints can help.

UX audits

Got an existing website and / or digital service that needs a new lick of paint? Our audits reveal your weaknesses, including accessibility. 

A/B optimisation

Want to get a bit more scientific when it comes to service refinement? We'll give you the quantitative data to make informed decisions.

Digital communities

Trying to build a team of evangelists for your brand or service? We have years of online community building experience. 

Usability testing

OK, so you know what you have works, you just need to test it with users in a best practice way. Usability testing can bring the voice of the user to the forefront.


An absolute showstopper when it comes to innovation research, Jobs-to-be-Done theory is backed by decades of elite business school thinking. 

CX mapping

Sometimes when you have a huge service it's easy to get lost in the different touchpoints. Make sure your customers aren't lost in the complexity too. 

Brand workshops

Is your brand cool, relevant...or just plain dull? Take it back to basics, with colour theory, semiotics and language that hits hard. 

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